Show Notes for July 14, 2010

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Didn’t get a chance to tune in this week?  Here’s what you missed, suckas!

How much is your information worth to the state of Ohio?

Lesbians beat man to death after he hits on one of them… surprisingly he wasn’t even hitting on the hotter one…

U-pick farmer bans women wearing skirts… for “hygenic reasons”

Double Rainbow Guy!!!“Double Rainbow Guy” was SOBER.

Girl shamed into eating salad after being told she’s “too fat” for a modeling reality show… her measurements? 32-24-34… roughly a size 4.

Police report finding two pieces of bacon in a closet. (After an assault with a frying pan)

Ten technologies that should be extinct, but aren’t.

FCC’s rules regulating censorship are fucking unconstitutional. So say fuck all the fuck you want. Fuckity fuck fuck.

Woman sets boyfriend on fire. That’s hot. Epic mugshot.

Anderson Cooper does a report on Scientology. Scientology releases a 95 page diatribe accusing AC of everything but teh gheys.

Irreverent Radio now illegal in Massachusetts.

Obama’s plan to battle AIDS? Stop getting AIDS.

Earthquakes, Sean Penn, and now CLOWNS? What the hell did you do to piss off God, Haiti???

Peanut Butter & Jelly, KC & The Sunshine Band, Metro & Broken Metro Escalator. Some things just go together.

Not News: Woman pregnant with two babies.  News: She has two uteruses.  Irreverent Radio Worthy News: One is 6 weeks old, one is 5 weeks old.

Girl who shits nails doesn’t eat normal foods, according to doctors. Well… she’s shitting nails… what was your first clue?

New York Metro transit imposes limits on unlimited passes. 3 rides a day, yo.

Vapid model starts “Beautiful People” political party. We wish we could make this up.

Good news: Baltimore police have reported an 80% drop in the number of rapes since 1995. Bad news: Police try to talk victims out of filing reports

Woman with world’s largest breasts is fighting for her life after her 30th breast augmentation.

Also… need a friend but too lame to actually have any?  Check out Rent-A-Friend!  (You’re welcome.)

Till next week…

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